The PA AV Summit encourages new faces, voices, and perspectives to spark a robust and meaningful discussion on the topic of automated vehicles. The Summit aims to foster a wider public understanding and dialog around the benefits and issues related to AV technologies.

The organizers of the Pennsylvania Automated Vehicle Summit are pleased to announce the 2021 PAAV Summit Series, an exciting line-up of topic-specific events and discussions throughout the year, leading up to the convening of the fourth PA AV Summit being held Oct. 25-27, 2021.

The Summit Series features vehicle automation experts presenting webinars, Oxford-style debates, fireside chats, and panels providing a diverse range of perspectives on the critical issues and opportunities that AVs offer Pennsylvania and the nation. An incredible lineup of engaging and authoritative speakers and topics have been planned throughout the year leading up to the 2021 Summit conference. The topics and dates for the Summit Series events are as follows:

    • FEBRUARY 4, 2021: Infrastructure Readiness – Planning and Development
      • Andy Wolpert, City of Columbus
      • Karina Ricks, City of Pittsburgh
      • Sam Amen, California Department of Transportation
      • Kristin White, Minnesota Department of Transportation
    • MARCH 2021: Safety – Validation
      • Nat Beuse, Aurora
      • Maureen Brown, Munich Re
      • Amy Chu, Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium
      • Jackie Erickson, Edge Case Research
    • APRIL 2021: Work Zones
      • Moderator: Mahmood Shehata, RK&K
      • Adam Carreon, Arizona Department of Transportation
      • Mike Mollenhauer, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
      • Todd Peterson, FHWA
      • Faisal Saleem, Maricopa County Department of Transportation
      • Vijay Varadarajan, HNTB
      • April Wire, Maricopa County Department of Transportation


  • JUNE 2021: Multimodal/Transit
  • JULY 2021: Economic Development – Market and Industry Trends
  • AUGUST 2021: Suburban/Rural Applications
  • SEPTEMBER 2021: Industry Panel

Please join us at as many of these webinars as possible. More information on speakers and times will be sent out in the near future.

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