For automated vehicles to be deployed in real-world driving environments, they must be able to recognize and respond to exceptional road conditions, such as highway workzones, because these conditions often alter customary traffic rules and road geometry. Pennsylvania is at the forefront of addressing the challenges and opportunities of AVs in workzones.

This webinar features the following panelists:

Adam Carreon
Arizona Department of Transportation
Adam Carreon is part of the Operational Traffic and Safety Group within the TSMO Division at Arizona Department of Transportation, where he has developed his love for transportation over the past 17 years. He personally championed the implementation of Smart Work Zones within the department, is the State Work Zone Operations Engineer, and is the State Work Zone Safety & Mobility Champion. Carreon is a member of AASHTO CTSO, ITS Arizona, ATSSA Signal Committee, Red Means Stop Coalition, and the Work Zone Data Exchange 3 subcommittees. He is published within TRB for his work with Maricopa County DOT on "In-Vehicle Work Zone Notification System for Connected Vehicles." He is continuing research on work zones with the State Transportation Research Program and TRB. He is happily married with three wonderful kids, whom he coaches in various sports in all his "spare" time.
Mike Mollenhaur
Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
Dr. Michael Mollenhauer is the director of the Division of Technology Implementation at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. He leads a team of researchers and engineers that help customers conduct early-stage deployment and evaluation of connected and automated vehicle systems. More recently, Mollenhauer is leading VTTI's efforts to partner with the Virginia DOT to develop the Virginia Connected Corridor through the deployment of V2I and V2X infrastructure, a cloud-computing environment, and a variety of mobile-connected vehicle applications. His most recent work focuses on work zone safety and interactions between automated vehicles and public safety professionals.
Todd Peterson
Todd Peterson has over 25 years of experience in transportation engineering and highway safety. He joined the FHWA Office of Operations Work Zone Management Team in 2013, where he has specialized in Intelligent Transportation Systems and data for work zone management. He created and currently leads the Work Zone Data Initiative, through which USDOT is working with federal, state, and industry stakeholders towards real-time deployment of data for non-recurring events affecting transportation system management and operations.
Faisal Saleem
Maricopa County Department of Transportation
Faisal Saleem serves the Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) as intelligent transportation systems branch manager and the MCDOT SMARTDrive Program manager. He is responsible for the overall supervision and management of MCDOT and AZTech ITS Projects, Regional Emergency Action Coordinating Team (REACT) Incident Management Program, MCDOT Traffic Management Center, Anthem Connected Vehicle SMARTDrive Test Bed, and Regional Archived Data System. He also serves as the chair of the Technical Resources Working Group of the Cooperative Automated Transportation (CAT) Coalition and co-chair of Infrastructure Owner Operator - Original Equipment Manufacturer Forum. He represents MCDOT on Arizona Institute of Automated Mobility technical committee and TRB Automated Vehicle and Shared Mobility Forum. Saleem has bachelor's and master's degrees in civil engineering and is the former president of Intelligent Transportation Society of Arizona and a member of ITE.
Mahmood Shehata
Mahmood Shehata is a transportation manager with RK&K, focusing on traffic engineering and ITS services. Much of his experience has been focused on freeway and arterial congestion mitigation projects, and regionally has been at the forefront of these types of solutions for many years. Shehata is also serving as the program administrator for the statewide Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement Program, a joint PennDOT / PTC / Pennsylvania State Police effort. He is the current president of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Mid-Atlantic Section (MASITE); a member of the LeadershipITE Class of 2020; and a member of Pennsylvania's Statewide Transportation Innovation Council (STIC).
Vijay Varadarajan
Vijay Varadarajan is a senior project manager for emerging mobility projects with HNTB. He is a certified professional engineer with more than 20 years of transportation engineering and ITS experience. His experience includes ITS/emerging technologies planning and research, design, implementation, integration, construction engineering and inspection, and project management. He is currently the consultant project manager for PennDOT's ADS project for safe integration of automated vehicles into work zones.
April Wire
Maricopa County Department of Transportation
April Wire has worked in the ITS and traffic engineering field for 15 years. She currently serves Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) as the arterial operations program manager and is responsible for overseeing the MCDOT TMC, advanced signal timing strategies, arterial performance metrics, and deployment of emerging technologies. She was involved in the development and deployment of Maricopa County's first smarter work zone implementation. Wire has a B.S. in civil engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology; is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in AZ, KS, and CO; and has certification as a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE).