This year, the 2019 PA AV Summit will be providing opportunities to all the testers and vendors to demonstrate their emerging and innovative technologies. The purpose of the call for demonstration is to collect a general description of what each organization might be considering conceptually. In order to facilitate our demonstration planning process, we’ll need a better understanding of the nature of each organization’s demonstration idea, logistics requirements, etc., so that we can provide a better experience for the attendees.

Outdoor Demonstration

These demonstrations will be held in the parking lot in front of the Kalahari Convention Center. The surrounding streets will be used as the demonstration route. The demonstration route and spaces are yet to be finalized and are subject to change.

Indoor Demonstration

Most demonstrations will be outdoor demonstrations, but some specific demonstrations can be arranged to display indoors.


No fees are associated with the demonstrations, however spaces for the demonstrations are limited, so securing the demonstration space is required.

The deadline has passed for submitting to participate as a demonstrator. Please email ra-pdhavsummit@pa.gov if you have any questions.