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The planning committee for the 2019 Pennsylvania Automated Vehicle Summit is proud to announce the preliminary list of session topics.

With topics ranging from cybersecurity to regulations and local government to multimodal operations … and more … the robust 2019 program will address many of the core topic areas that are centric to the CAV dialogue. We could not be more excited about the high-quality, engaging program that will be available for this year’s summit attendees.

  • Shuttles: Current Deployments in Action
  • Legislative Updates: Federal, State, and Local
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy: a Multi-pronged Approach
  • Work Zones: Advances & Obstacles to the Introduction of AVs
  • Live Podcast Recording
  • Equity
  • Human-Factors: Consumer Expectations & Education
  • Jobs for an AV World
  • AV Interactions with Pedestrians & Bicyclists
  • Transit
  • Scenario Planning Policy Workshop
  • Legal Implications of AVs
  • Freight
  • Regulations & Standards
  • Financials Behind the Industry
  • ITE C/AV Steering Committee Activities
  • Local Government Public Works: Preparing for AV
  • SPaT Challenge/ Connected Signals
  • CAV Transition Period: Sharing the Road
  • Planning Today for CAVs Tomorrow
  • AV Concepts of Operations (ConOps)
  • Energy Implications of AVs
  • CAV Planning and Policy Development
  • Data, Data, and More Data
  • Multimodal Operations for Local, Regional, and State Agencies

Post Author: Larissa Newton